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3 Important Things You Need To Know When Planning For Your Insurance

Planning for insurance can be a frustrating process, especially when you do it on your own. It involves reading online reviews, searching for a provider, asking questions of professionals you trust, and determining which products provide the best value. If you are working with an independent insurance broker like SF Services, it can be so much easier to find the best insurance because SF services shops for you and finds you the best policy. Here are 3 important things to consider when planning for your insurance:

  1. What type of insurance policy do you need
  2. How much insurance coverage you need
  3. Which insurance policies fit best with your financial budget
The three most important things to consider in your insurance plan are policy types, coverage types, and a plan that fits your budget.

Consideration #1: What Type of Insurance Do I Need?

It’s important to have insurance protection for your most important assets if you were to ever have something go wrong. But what type of insurance policy do you need to protect each of your most important assets? There are many insurance types available to buy: home, car, business, life, health, travel, even pet insurance! You could spend time searching the internet for the type of insurance you need (like you are doing right now) or you could call an independent insurance brokerage like SF Services. SF Services can shop 17 different carriers like Progressive, Liberty Mutual, Nationwide, and more, for a wide range of policies and coverages. This helps you find targeted insurance specifically tailored for your circumstances. For example, if you’re a small business owner in Kansas City, you should be looking at business property insurance to protect your small business against the worst accidents like damage from a natural disaster or customer injuries on your property. 

Consideration #2: How Much Insurance Coverage Do I Need?

The second thing to consider when planning for your insurance is the coverage amount. Coverage answers the question – what’s included and what isn’t? Depending on your circumstance, you may want to purchase comprehensive insurance — this will cover you for unexpected losses and expenses, including those that occur while you are on vacation or away from home. Or you may want to purchase liability insurance — this will cover you if someone causes an $8,000 loss on your house while you aren’t home. You could purchase travel insurance — this will protect you in the unlikely event that something were to happen to your vacation home while you are on vacation and unable to get to it quickly, or even pet insurance – which can save you money on unexpected veterinary bills for your beloved pet. 

Whatever your circumstance, it is important to work with someone who can help you understand all your coverage options. If you purchase insurance online, you might be paying for coverage you don’t really need, or even worse, you might purchase the wrong coverage that doesn’t actually protect what you want protected. A skilled insurance agent will walk you through all the coverage options available and provide you with all the information you need to plan for your insurance. The best part, working with an insurance agent is free! You can call SF Services today to schedule an insurance planning appointment and find out all the types of coverage there are to best fit your needs.

Consideration #3: What insurance policies fit best with my financial budget?

When it comes to your insurance, price shouldn’t have to be the most important part of making a decision. But for most people, the price of your insurance is still a significant determining factor in your decision making. That is why you should consider how much different policies from different companies cost and determine how it fits within your overall financial plan. For example, you may not be at a place to purchase a whole life insurance policy with a $140 a month premium based on your budget but it might make sense to purchase a 15-year term life insurance policy with a $30 a month premium. 

Some policies are essential to have, like liability auto insurance, certain types of home insurance, and in some circumstances even life insurance; but you should not purchase any insurance policy until you have made a holistic assessment of your financial circumstance and evaluated the risk involved in not having certain types of coverage. This is where working with an experienced insurance agent can make all the difference. For example, SF Services agents meet with you to go over your life circumstances, including your finances and help you make a decision that best fits your financial plan and goals. Even better, because SF Services is an independent insurance agency, they will find you the best price for your policies because they can shop over 20 of the best insurance carriers available on the market. In summary, a skilled independent insurance agent can make planning for your insurance much easier. 

Want To See The Difference An Independent Agent Can Make?

Contact SF Services to speak with an independent agent or get an insurance quote today to see how much better your coverage and rates can be.


To Wrap It Up

If you follow these 3 tips and do your research ahead of time you will definitely get the coverage you need at a price that’s right. The more time and energy you invest in researching your options now, in addition to consulting an insurance professional, the better insurance policy you’ll have in place when it comes time to make a claim or plan for the safety of your family and assets. You can take the next step in planning for your insurance by contacting the trusted insurance professionals at SF Services today.