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The Future of Work, and Its Impact on Small Businesses

By July 25, 2022No Comments
In one way or another, whether employee or employer, your small business was affected by the pandemic. Whatever modifications you made to how you work, or how you deliver your goods and services, might have felt like a temporary solution to a problem. But one thing is for sure, the future of work has been changed by the work-from-home movement.
“A new survey from Nationwide revealed that as in-office work rebounds across the country, employees want continued flexibility with where and when they work. However, most business owners expect to be working in person full-time a year from now – leaving 1-in-3 owners nervous about announcing their company’s return-to-office decisions and the impact it could have on retention.”
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As you navigate the changes of working from home, or coming back to the office to work, one thing you do not want to overlook is the impact these decisions might have on your insurance. For example:
If you are an employee
  • Have you worked from home the past two years and are getting ready to go back to the office, do you have the right car insurance you need for your regular commute?
  • Are you continuing work from home, and want to make renovations to create the ideal office space? Do you have valuable equipment in your new office? You should make sure you have the right amount of coverage in the case of damage to your home by water, fire, or theft.
If you are a business owner:
  • Opening back up the office doors, or finding a new space to call home for your office? Do you have the right amount of coverage for you and your employees?
  • Want to provide even more incentive for your employees to stay? Have you considered adding insurance benefits for your employees?

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